Wedoble Magic Tale Canvas Baby Shoes - Pearl

Wedoble Magic Tale Canvas Baby Shoes - Pearl

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Canvas baby shoes great for baby boys and girls, comfortable for your baby's first steps. MAGIC TALES canvas baby shoes fastens with velcro strap for easy adjustment.
Composition of MAGIC TALES canvas baby shoes:
Colours 09 brown, 20 dark grey, 22 beige mouliné - 40% merino wool, 30% viscose, 20% polyamide e 10% cashmere.
Colours 01 soft blue, 02 soft pink, 03 pearl, 13 navy blue, 16 dark green, 21 bordeaux - 100% merino wool.
Colours 48 black and grey, 49 green and grey, 50 royal blue and grey- 90% merino wool e 10% cashmere.With 100% Portuguese design and manufacture, Wedoble is based on several years of experience in high quality knitwear. The brand is already a reference in terms of well-being and comfort, combined with a classic, sophisticated and modern design, thus creating unique pieces, adapted to babies.
Wedoble presents its collections making a compromise between comfort, elegance and technology. The classic and timeless style are predominant factors, valuing the quality and refinement of the materials used, giving special emphasis to the details and finishes of the pieces.

Wedoble was created thinking about the comfort and well-being of babies in the first months of life. Its main characteristic is the constant concern with the baby's comfort and with the quality of the pieces, combined with the contemporary and traditional style that so characterize the brand.
That's why our products are unique and functional pieces, equipped with high quality, designed and adapted to the baby's daily life

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