Paul Waistcoat Sand

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The natural-coloured summer suit waistcoat is finally here !

All in cotton gabardine, the waistcoat is fully lined with cotton satin, as well as in its pocket details and its 3 buttons, for the elegance of groomsmen or guests at a ceremony.

This sleeveless tailored waistcoat is worn like a "cafe waiter" with Bermuda shorts for the summer season: it is coordinated with Paul sand Bermuda shorts , for a light and comfortable summer suit !

The Paul cardigan can be buttoned with a bow tie, for example, or left open with a Mao collar shirt for a more casual look.

Our suggestion: The sand ceremony set goes perfectly with pastel shades: think about it to accompany it with a Theo belt and/or a Romeo bow tie to personalize to your taste!

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