MeowBaby® A house for children with a ladder

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Each child dreams of its own little house where it will lull its teddy bear to sleep; imitating dad, where it will serve tea to the dolls or newly-done juice; imitating mum. Now thanks to the combination of a ladder with a tent, children not only have a playground for active playing. A house with a ladder is even more joy. Its optimal size fits the size of both children's rooms in the block of flats and will work perfectly in a larger room in a single-family house. Having this multi-functional house, now your child will delight more in each play with a doll or teddy bear. And when your child will be visited by friends from the nursery school, it will become an ideal hiding place from adults and a starting base before traveling to Neverland.

Our houses with a ladder have tents in two designer colours: pink and grey-blue and as many as four colours of ladders: black, grey, white, natural. Thanks to this, you choose the right colour to match the interior of your child's room. All you have to do is to remove the tent from the house and your child will have the opportunity to actively play before dinner. When you put up a tent before bedtime, the house with a window will look great in the room, encouraging your child to house pretend play. With such a toy, children will not be bored.


The product is made and tested in the EU.
The product is covered by a 2-year manufacturer's warranty and has a CE certificate.


Dimentions. 60x61 cm folding into the room. Wood, Linen, Viscose, A Pink House, White ladder

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