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Engage your children in simple kitchen activities and share with them the secrets of cooking. Our wooden helper will enable your child safely and easily reach the kitchen counter. The three-stage height adjustment means that this piece of furniture may stay in your kitchen for many years. The highest platform can be used by toddlers who have just learned how stand on their own, while the lowest level is suitable for older children until they grow out of it.


Our kitchen helper guarantees mutual joy in everyday activities. Now you don't need to move a chair to the counter or sit your child on the table anymore! Make sure that your child is safe while cooking together and strengthen their sense of independence.


This stable kitchen helper is made of a moisture-resistant and abrasion-resistant birch plywood covered on both sides with a melamine coating.


The simplicity of white smooth sides and visible wooden edges remind you of Scandinavian minimalism.






material: birch plywood: sides covered with melamine, oiled edges,


adjustable platform (20 cm - 30 cm - 40 cm, measured from the floor level),


in order to adjust the height of the platform to the height of your child, you only need to put the platform onto the chosen level,


color: white sides, edges in the color of natural wood.






overall height: 90 cm

width: 39 cm

depth to the step: 52 cm

thickness of the plate: 1.6 cm

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