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Boots in red from the Royal Child ♛ collection

Are you looking for unique wellies? Then you've come to the perfect place! We give you the long-awaited color for your use!

Our wellies are distinguished by simplicity, single-color texture, great quality and, most importantly, are produced in Poland from A to Z.

The inside of the wellies is filled with a red inner sock, which is put on already in the production process. It consists of 100% cotton. On the outside, we see a deep, red color with stylish stickers – on one shoe with a golden crown motif, and on the other with the inscription "Royal Child". These stickers are thoroughly welded in the production process, thanks to which they are resistant to damage.

Our wellies:

  • are made of certified, phthalate-free PVC plastic, which is safe for both older children and the youngest ones,
  • suitable for children with a high instep of the foot,
  • are made with the utmost care and attention to detail,
  • they are beautifully packed, and each pair has a limited backpack added - a bag in red, with a gold print.


Before buying, make sure and measure your child's foot!

It is very important when choosing our wellies to be guided by the length of the insert, given in the size below.

Mostly, our little customers choose wellies a size smaller than the shoes they wear every day. 

For example, if your child wears shoes from other brands in size 21/22, then wellies with a size smaller, i.e. 19/20, will probably be ideal for him.


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