White Apolline dress

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Intended to dress chic and bohemian little girls, the optical white Apolline dress is to be worn for small and large occasions. Inspired by a vintage wardrobe of our grandmothers' dresses, this bohemian dress for little girls consists of details that make all its charm.

First, its light cotton material gives it freshness and softness, then, its V-back that closes with a series of covered buttons appears for this ceremonial dress for girls as a most charming detail. Her long sleeves cover the arms with a delicate cotton veil and are tightened by a wide wrist that gives a vintage touch to this ceremonial dress for a girl of character. Many lace details play transparency on the bust which gives this bridesmaid dress a vintage look.

This pretty baptismal dress for children is also worn at communions or weddings and is available for little girls aged 3 months to 14

years. The Apolline Blanc model is happy to associate with small flat sandals, babies or ballerinas!


Dress with long sleeves, pretty details of ribbon that fits perfectly with this cotton dress.

This dress has a soft cotton poplin lining to guarantee comfort to your ladies.

100% Cotton for the main material.

100% Cotton for lining.

100% Cotton for ribbons

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